Monday, October 1, 2012

Capture Your Grief - Day 1: Sunrise

Carly Marie Project Heal is hosting a month long photography project of healing called "Capture Your Grief."  She suggests printing up the pictures in the end to put them in our memory boxes for our angel babies.  I'm actually really excited to take part in this!  I'm by no means anything close to a GOOD photographer, but they'll be MY pictures.

Here is her outline/suggestions:

Today is Day 1: Sunrise.  I think this is perfectly appropriate because the sun continues to rise every single day, despite how we feel, despite the fact that our babies are not here to witness it.  It's also symbolic of our healing, just as the sun does, we are rising each morning, we are beginning our journey of healing each day.  And with grief, it really is a daily journey.  There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of our angel babies and how much we still love them and miss them.

So, from Utah, here is this morning's sunrise:

From my back door
The moon still in the sky - from my front door
The Flag with a beautiful sun-kissed mountain top - from my front door
From my back door - sunrise was supposedly half an hour ago, but they seem to have not accounted for the mountains being in the way!!
From my back door - Look!  There it comes!
With this beautiful blue sky around it, I'm dedicating THIS ONE to
I love you, sweet baby boy!
My last attempt - from my back door - couldn't get one without the red flower petals around it.
With the red flower, THIS ONE reminds me of my dearest
Mommy loves you, baby girl!

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