Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 years

Today, we celebrate 9 married years together!

A friend had posted a pretty neat breakdown of their married life together on her anniversary, and it got me thinking about what all we've accomplished, endured, and enjoyed throughout our 9 years together...

Year One (2004-2005)
Moved Ben from Utah to Missouri
 Went to Nauvoo/Carthage, IL (temple trip)
I got my bachelor's in finance
We moved together back to Utah
We got pregnant with our first sweet baby

Year Two (2005-2006) 

Moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom
Ben got a good job
I stopped working
Front row seats at my first Jazz game
Baby Keith was born
Went to MO to see my sister graduate high school

Year Three (2006-2007)
Went to MO for Christmas
Lost pregnancy #2 at around 5-7 weeks

Year Four (2007-2008)

Year Five (2008-2009)
Went to MO for Christmas
Baby Mitchell was born at home
Bought and moved into our first house
Ben finished his bachelor's in computer science/software engineering

Year Six (2009-2010)
I drove to MO alone with two boys while pregnant to throw a baby shower for my sister

Year Seven (2010-2011) 
Baby Kiersten was born at home
Bought our first vehicle together
Went to MO for my cousin's wedding

Year Eight (2011-2012)
Ben started a different job
Ben gone for a month for job training
Lost pregnancy #5 (Taylor) at 13-14 weeks
I took the 3 kids on a trip to Oregon

Year Nine (2012-2013)
Lost pregnancy #6 (Seth) at 16-19 weeks
Started another new job
Started yet another new job

We are now starting Year Ten expecting baby "Vash" in November!

Over the last 9 years, we've lived in 2 states, 3 cities, 4 homes (3 apartments/1 house), been a part of 3 wards, had 6 jobs, 7 pregnancies, 3 children join our home, went camping at least 5 times, visited Missouri at least 4 times, sold one car to buy a minivan, had 7 church callings (2 were shared/joint callings), painted 4 rooms, 2 ER visits, a couple dozen doctors, a few thousand pictures, 9 amazing holiday seasons, 23 mice caught in traps, traveled through 10 states, 10 LDS Temples attended, watched 14 semi-annual General Conference's together, created 1 awesome budgeting website, and still counting our blessings instead of sheep!