Friday, October 22, 2010

Field Trip

Today, Keith went on a field trip with his preschool class to a pumpkin patch! We were nervous about this because it was introduced to him as a Halloween field trip and he's CRAZY afraid of Halloween! Right now, we have a grimm reaper hanging outside on our front porch and he's sound activated... Keith refuses to go play outside with his friends because he won't walk past it. So, I prepped him as we walked to preschool asking him if pumpkins we saw on porches were scary, if scarecrows were scary, etc. Everything was, so I went further and explained that he was NOT to climb on his teacher if he got scared, but to just hold her hand. (When we got his Halloween costume from a specialty store, he climbed up on Daddy and screamed and cried the whole 30-45 minutes we were in there.)

When he came home, he had me carry him past the grimm reaper into the house, but then he told me all about it. He LOVED it! He went on a hay ride, saw animals on a farm (he said the horses were nice but the pigs chased him and pigs eat people... woah!), went in a corn maze, and then got to pick out his own small pumpkin from the patch!! He said he wants to go again tomorrow! Oh, and he and his friend, Cannon, ate snacks together: fishies (goldfish) and a drink!

So, we're hoping that he'll do a little better with Halloween next weekend now!

Oh, and during all of this, I was at home with Mitchell and the teacher's daughter/Cannon's sister, Hazel. Mitchell is 20 months and Hazel is around 16 months. They both SLEPT! I got quiet time! Talk about a good day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

March to October

Haven't I already posted a "I'm a horrible blogger" post? Wasn't it 7 months ago!

Lots has happened in the last several months! Let's see what I can do to catch you all up...

We learned that my sister is pregnant with her first baby! We tried cloth diapers, but after buying so many diapers trying to find which ones ha
d the correct rise for Mitchell's long body, I had spent so much that I gave up because it would take that much again to get enough diapers that fit properly to make it worth while. So I packed them up for the next kiddo.

We learned that WE are having baby #3!! I'm so excited! In case anyone is unaware, we used herbs this time (rather than Clomid) to get my progesterone levels to where I was able to become pregnant, and we're planning our second home birth. I figure, even if I wasn't in love with home birthing, it'd be the best option for us anyway... considering Mitchell was born after a mere 1 hour 45 minutes from the first contraction. The time it'd take to recognize that I'm in labor, call the babysitter to watch the boys and give her time to arrive, give last minute instructions before leaving, and then begin the 30-45 minute drive to the hospital, we'd be risking having the baby in the car, and who wants to clean placenta out of a car?!

Also, Keith went through a cute stage of asking to sleep on the floor after having had some friends (Stephen and Joe) sleep over a couple times. This picture is of him tucking in Blue as they went to bed!

Keith ended his first semester in preschool. We had the annual Memorial Day Harvey Family Gathering, which was a blast as always! Sometimes the weather makes it uncomfortable (this year was great though) but the company and food always make any turn in the weather worth the endurance.

Keith won't stop asking if he gets to go to preschool today or not. I'm so glad that he loves school!!

I drove with Mitchell and Keith (no Ben) and Brenda (works in Chillicothe through my mom/aunt's company, but her daughter lives in SLC... she had been visiting and was headed home at the same time) to Missouri! We drove straight through on the way to Missouri, but stopped overnight on the way back home to Utah. Anyway, while we were there, I was able to visit so many friends! I spent time with my freshman roommate, Shanna and her little boy, Ethan... it was like we had never been separated! She is such an amazing person and I loved hanging out with her! I also was able to visit my cousin, Sarah, and my friend, Hope, in Warrensburg. All the visits were short but wonderful! I always wish I had more time for such wonderful people! An even shorter but just as enjoyable visit was with a friend from junior high, Alisha. Oh, and also Trinity! WOW, I did more traveling while on my two week vacation than I realized. I also threw a baby shower for my sister, who is having a girl that she plans to name Elizabeth Ruth. I loved the cake I designed for her shower, very cute. I also was able to attend my 10 year class reunion. It rained on us, and only a few of us made it out of the 14 left in our class, but I loved seeing how everyone had grown up so much! It was a pretty good trip, but never in the summer ever again. Missouri's summer humidity and heat were disgusting!

While I was in Missouri, Ben had my car and I had his. My car broke. It might just be the battery, or my suspicions are that the alternator is going out. So, no car for me until February, 6 months away. I had my ultrasound this month! Although the legs were close together and the official report does not state a gender, the tech decided I'm having a girl and we're going with it! KIERSEN HARVEY will be making her appearance sometime around January 4th. She doesn't yet have a middle name, but we're working on it.

Also, Mitchell got banged up pretty badly. Well, I suppose it looked worse than it was. We had his Uncle Bruce, Aunt Jordan, and cousins Zane and Noah over for grilling dinner. The back door between the dining room and outside was left open and he attempted to walk down the 2 stairs, despite not ever having walked down the stairs before. He went kersplat! right onto the pavement and scratched up his cheek, eye, and got a big ol' goose-egg on his forehead. Luckily, the bruise went away quickly and the cheek and eye healed fairly well. As of today (October), there is just a small spot above his eye to show where he got hurt.
Finally, we went to Lagoon for Ben's 4Life Summer Party. The boys both loved the slide at Lagoon-A- Beach! It was adorable how neither of them cared to do anything but walk up the stairs to the slide, slide down into Daddy's waiting arms, and then go back up to slide again! After lunch with the work group, we let Keith go on the rides. He went on the same one 3 or 4 times with something different in between and Mitchell sat quietly and patiently in the stroller. As it is every year, my flip flops broke right on time to go home. It was a really great day!

Keith started preschool again! HE LOVES IT! I'm watching the teacher's little girl (who has more allergies than any parent of a small child should have to deal with) during preschool hours. She's 4 months younger than Mitchell and very adorable! She cuddles with me as much as she can and is very quiet, though somehow she tries to scratch Mitchell's eyes out and her hugs come with a tackle to the ground. Mitchell doesn't fight back, which I love. When she's not chasing and he's not running and crying, they are so adorable together! Perhaps they'll become better friends as they grow up... like their older brothers! Hazel's brother, Cannon, and Keith have become great friends while in preschool. I love that! My big boy is getting bigger!

Today is only the third but there are lots of things planned. 3 months until Kiersten comes, and I'm so excited to meet her! Someone gave us a whole garbage bag full of the most adorable 0-6 month clothes, and another friend is sending more! I am so blessed to have great friends!

Okay, I'll get back here soon to get some pictures into this post. For now, I have to go make dinner....