Friday, June 3, 2011

Growing Kids

WOW!  My little girl has GROWN!!

5 months - 14.8 lbs (38tht percentile) - 24.5" (19th percentile) - moving into 3-6 month clothes
4 months - 12.6 lbs (17th percentile) - could have been 12.0 lbs (9th) but I got both numbers a lot
3 months - 11.0 lbs (11th percentile) - 22.5" (8th percentile)
2 months -  9.8  lbs (11th percentile) - 20.5" (3rd percentile) - moved into 0-3 clothes
1 month  -  8.5  lbs (13th percentile - n/a
BIRTH   -  7.5  lbs (50th percentile) - 19" (33rd percentile)

I can't believe how big she has grown in just a month!!  She's a sweet girl, smiles at anyone who gives her attention and just draws people in with that big, friendly smile!  As I type, she's sitting next to me in the Bumbo, coo'ing away!  She has lost most of her newborn hair but it's been immediately replaced by baby hair that isn't as soft and not as dark.  She may have the same hair color as her brothers, but not really sure just yet.  She sleeps well.  We finally moved her into her pack-n-play right beside the bed.  So now when she needs fed in the night, we wake up much more than we did when she was in our bed, in my arms all night long.  So it takes a little longer to get my attention and then to get her back to sleep.  During growth spurts, she wakes up every single hour to eat, but usually has one long stretch of sleep (3-5 hours) and then wakes up every 1-2 hours after that to eat and go back to sleep.  Generally, she's asleep from about 9-10pm to 6-8am.  Yeah, not very pinned down, but we're like that.  We roll with it and it works for us.

Keith is 36.2 lbs and 3'5.5" tall.  I *think* that puts him in the 10th percentile for both weight and height.  Although he usually wears a 4T, that's only due to his height.  He put on some 2T shorts the other day and you couldn't even tell that they weren't his size.  They were even sinched in a little (I love adjustable waist pants!) but still fit him.  He's just so little for his age, and for being my big boy!  Ben is afraid that, if they skip him into first grade because of his educational abilities, he'll go from being among the smallest in his class to being THE very smallest in his class.  He's probably right, but as "Miss Ashley" says, and I've suspected, he's likely to act out a lot in class if he's bored with the work.

Mitchell is 31 lbs and 3' tall.  That would make him 70th percentile for weight and 66th percentile for height!!  WOW!!  He's a big boy for being my little boy!  He's built like a line backer, too.  He's getting taller and taller, which is stretching out that weight.  As he prefers to run around in just his diaper right now (I put clothes on him several times each day, but he takes them off again quickly), you can see nearly every rib in his little body.  He's in 2T's right now, but I'm thinking of moving him up to 3T's soon.  That would put my 2 year old in 3T's and 4T's for my 5 year old!  3 years and one size apart!  He's a very sweet boy in that he's always thinking about his brother.  He'll ask me for cereal, for example, but bring two bowls to ask.  As I fill one bowl, he gives me the other saying "Keith" because he wants to take some to his brother, too.  He and Keith both dote on Kiersten a lot.  They say "I wanna play with the little girl" then get in her face saying "Hi, pretty girl!"  They both smile at her, tickle her, hug her, and kiss her lots.  To each other, however, they fight a lot but as I said, Mitt is still very mindful and kind toward his brother.

My kids just keep growing!  I still can't believe I've got THREE of these little stink weeds!  Each of them gives me so much joy, I can hardly (and sometimes don't) contain it!  I love them all so much, I just can't express it properly.  Despite how wonderful it is to watch them grow, I hate that they're growing so much because it means they won't be my little ones for much longer.  I can't even imagine what it's like to be an empty nester with grandkids.  Life is amazing, and I love this stage that I'm in.  I hope it doesn't pass by too quickly.

Photos will be uploaded by the end of the day, I hope...