Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Memory Boxes - Missing Malachi

Today I delivered the first two memory boxes.  A girl in one of my loss groups (yes, I belong to more than one) just lost another baby, and she lives nearby-ish, so rather than letting the hospital give her some randomness to choose from, I decided she needed a memory box made with love especially for her.  I already feel so connected to her.  She has 3 children in her home, lost one baby in her second trimester back in January, and is delivering her 16 week gestation angel-boy today.  Sound familiar?  Sounds exactly like me!  3 kids in my home, lost Taylor in the second trimester in January, and delivered my 16 week angel-Seth just 6 weeks ago TODAY.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about her, her husband, and her angels.  I'm not typically a hugging kind of person, but I wanted to hug her husband as I gave him the memory boxes, and I want to hug this girl so badly, I can't hardly stand it.

I wanted to share the pictures of the boxes with you because so many others helped to make them happen.  Somehow I didn't take a picture of the actual baskets we used, and I hate that I didn't because my friend, Barbara C., really painted and decorated them up cutely!  I did two - one boy and one girl - because I had expected to deliver a girl but it ended up being a boy, so JUST IN CASE, I wanted this sweet mama to have the right stuff.

In the GIRL box/basket, we included a purple 8 1/2 x 11" purple binder with scrapbook pages inside.

Lynnette P. and I spent several hours making these pages used in the girl scrapbook.
We worked hard to make sure there were journaling spots, photo spots, and places for any more embellishments a mom might want to add to it.
I included hand and foot print stickers, silver script letter stickers, and tear/rain drop stickers.  Plus, thank you cards.  I had been so touched by the people who did so much for us that I just HAD to get cards out to each of them.  Of course, I only got the first batch out.  The second batch was to family for flowers and a gift.  I texted them.  Does that count?  If I had been really on the ball, I would have put stamps on the envelopes, too.
In the BOY box/basket, we put these 12x12" scrapbook pages inside a book donated by Tracy A.  Actually, Tracy donated the baskets, too!!  And these pages were donated by Lisa P.  THANK YOU LADIES for your help!!
Yvonne W. made this set of two blankets, 2 gowns/shirts, and 2 diapers using the Teeny Tears pattern
This was the BOY set.
This yellow set of shirts/gowns, diapers, and blanket was also made by Yvonne W. 
Barbara C. and I made the bracelets.  This was the GIRL set.
This is the boy set of bracelets that Barbara C. and I made.  The baby bracelets will be HUGE but they'll figure it out.
This BOY burial outfit, hat, booties, and blanket was made by my friend, Vicky N. of Paper Angel Designs. 
The pants velcro on the inside so that they'll come completely open.  Tiny babies can be very fragile, so the arms and legs of an outfit might not be possible.  Her clothes come completely open so that they can be laid on top of the baby, then tied on in the back.  Most of the boy outfits come with long legs that can be trimmed or folded as needed.
This is the GIRL burial outfit, hat, booties, and blanket made by Vicky N. of Paper Angel Designs. 
She makes fantastic tiny clothes!
In the GIRL basket, I added this journal, two bunnies (one for mom, one for the casket), two packs of tissues, and
the Scentsy travel tin (Sweet Pea & Vanilla for the little sweet pea) was donated by Natalie D.
In the BOY basket, there is a journal under this blue/yellow moon blanket (Vicky N.), two bears (one for mom, one for the casket), two packs of tissues, and a Scentsy travel tin (Thunderstorm scent during a thunderstorm in life).
This is the boy basket, made with so much love, especially for angel baby Malachi Dexter Allred
If somehow the ultrasound was wrong, and this sweet mama ends up having a little girl instead, her basket was still made with so much love JUST FOR HER.  If it goes unused today, it is being left at the IHC hospital in Riverton, UT for another sweet angel gone too soon.  Ashley A., know that you are in the hearts and minds of SO MANY PEOPLE today.  I hope you get the opportunity to spend some time with Malachi.  I know that time will create some of the most treasured memories the mother of an angel baby could have. 

I am so happy to have helped put all of this together for Ashley, Josh, and their sweet Malachi all in remembrance of my angel babies - Taylor & Seth Micah Harvey.  I love you both and I hope you are honored by the work being done in your memory.  Find Malachi and help him as he comforts his mother through this heart wrenching week, month, and year.  

P.S.  Diapers made in memory of Seth were featured on the Teeny Tears blog this week. 

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Brit Bennion said...

What a beautiful gift you have given to this family. I can't imagine the grief that either of you have had to go through, but you are truly a blessing in their lives and an inspiration to me!