Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Patterns and a short Video

I have had several people ask me for patterns so they can help!  I am SO HAPPY that people want to help!  I now have 14 custom requested boxes in the works, plus I want to donate to hospitals, and the need just never stops.

First, I want to show you the amazing slideshow my friend, Lynnette, put together recently:

Next, let's start with the basic patterns:
These precious diaper patterns are found HERE.  The smaller size fits 18-23 week gestation babies.  The larger size fits 24-32 week gestation babies.  If you would like to sew some, or even just cut some out of some flannel and send them to me to sew, PLEASE contact me!  Leave me a comment and I'll get back to you.

The gown patterns can be found HERE.  If you want to make sets of diapers and matching gowns, here is the match up:
X-Small Gown with the Small Diaper with 18-20" square blanket
Small Gown with the Large Diaper with 20-22" square blanket
Md/Lg Gown can be paired with a Large Diaper OR a preemie Huggies diaper with 23-25" sq blanket
Take a look at the other patterns available on that website, too!  Utah Share is FOR angel babies and their families left behind.  And please be sure to see THIS PAGE for helpful hints such as appropriate fabrics.

Next up is for bigger babies (and by bigger, I don't necessarily mean big):
This Tea Towel Gown is found HERE, then click on the Patterns tab.  Aren't they sweet?  This site/blog is kept by the amazing NILMDTS photographer that took Seth's pictures.  This is a picture she took after a craft day she recently held where women gathered to iron, cut, sew, and finish these amazing angel clothes.

Crochet Diaper-Shirt patterns:
I absolutely ADORE this pattern!  I learned to crochet basically JUST so I could make one of these!  No, this one is not mine.  You can find this pattern HERE along with relevant information and other patterns to complement it.  There is one set of instructions that is just written out and a second set that is a complete and AWESOME photo tutorial that has really helped me as I've been trying so hard to make one.  Also, see THIS page to see it opened up and also what a dress would look like on this.  The dress photo tutorial is newly posted, too!!  Isn't Stacy just AMAZING!!

Other links:
Sizing chart - HERE
Knit Hats - HERE
Burial Pouches - HERE for tiny babies too small or too delicate to be dressed for burial

And please contact me if you're interested in donating anything.  The need is great and what a great way to spread some comfort and love.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Memory Boxes

I have been LOVING making the memory boxes!  I've had a little help and soon it will be time to deliver!!

These are the adorable outfits we put inside the boxes! There are two sizes of diapers.  The smaller size also gets an extra small gown.  All boxes get a blanket and a hat.
This is MOST everything all laid out.  There was so much that we couldn't get it all in one picture!!

Another attempt to get everything into the picture.

We've got 9 boxes ready to go, though bits and pieces for many more.  I also have 3 custom boxes almost ready to go, requested by people I've become acquainted with via the facebook page for my project: Mommy's Heart In A Box.

PLEASE consider helping out!  So far, I've purchased nearly all the supplies myself and I must say, it's definitely hurting my budget.  But I figure there are so many moms that are hurting even more that I can't ignore this need! Visit my Wish List to see some of the items you can purchase (or something similar elsewhere) and send for these comforting boxes.  Also, if you're gifted in the crafty sense, I have found patterns to crochet little diaper/shirt outfits and we can always use sewers to make the gowns and diapers.  Remember that the extra small gowns pair with the small diapers for babies that are 18-23 weeks gestation, while the larger diapers are paired with the small to medium gowns to fit babies 24-32 weeks gestation.

I am so pleased to be able to help others.  I love serving.  It makes my heart smile.  And I love being able to honor my sweet babies, Taylor & Seth Micah, in this way.  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped - Yvonne for sewing, Patti for helping make scrapbook pages, Lynnette for spending hours around the kitchen table making pages and stuffing boxes with me, Vicky for your burial outfit and crochet donations, and several others who have donated some fabric, scrapbook supplies, tissues, hats, journals, yarn and more.  THANK YOU!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Capture Your Grief - Days 24-31

Day 24: Siblings

Day 25: Blessing
     Taylor did not get a blessing as we never were able to see her body, and thus no burial or any formal ceremonies for her.  Seth, on the other hand, we buried.  And although it is not an "official" church blessing, it is still something that is allowed to be done for these babies gone too soon.

Day 26: Their Age

Day 27: Artwork

Day 28: Memory
     A memory, positive or negative, from along this journey...
 One of my most significant memories...

With Taylor, it was realizing that I'd never see her precious body.  Even 9 months later, I still cry that I didn't get to see her.  It hurts so much.  But, when I'm having a good day, I try so hard to look at it as - in her ultrasound, she was in a praying position and perhaps that was/is a "sign" for me.  Perhaps it was important for me to always remember her in such a position.  Perhaps it's meant for me to remember to pray always, and signifies that she is now a heavenly being.  On my bad days, like last night, I cry.

With Seth, it was trying to hold myself together as I heard the news.  I asked if there was a nice, healthy heartbeat.  The ultrasound tech was stunned that I would ask, and even more so as she had to tell me that there was not.  I know she was holding herself together as best she could.  I knew that if I cried, she would too.  And I was surrounded by my kids, so I didn't want to upset them.  However, once I came outside and headed to the van, it just let loose.  I found myself curling into the outside wall, trying to let the kids go ahead of me, trying to re-group, but not doing well with the task.  It's like time just paused, things happened in slow motion, my head was empty almost like an out-of-body experience where I didn't exist in that moment; I was trying so hard to escape it.

Day 29: Music
    Music hasn't really played a role in my losses.

Day 30: Your Grief - Tell The World
"Owl" my children
Day 31: Sunset