Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday News Day - Valentine's Day

First off, yes I'll be posting Kiersten's and Keith's birthday photos soon... after Mitchell's birthday on Saturday.

Next, I'm doing fine today.  It is a good day.

So, we did Valentine's Day last night.  I'd been stashing some things away for a couple weeks (only one part of it was found, thank goodness) and I grabbed the last of it at a very insanely busy Wal-Mart yesterday.  I got it all put together, and I think the kids and Ben ALL liked it!
Yes, I totally hid my junk with a few "stickers" there!

I've got a CRUSH on you, Valentine!

Pepsi didn't have anything cute, so I made something cute...
A floral red heart and a label saying
You're SODA-licious, Valentine!

Each of the kids had a plate with this message and glow sticks to go with the phrase.
They also had an apple saying "You are the apple of my eye, Valentine!"
And the boys got Reece's hearts and a conversation heart cup.
Kiersten's apple was in the diluted-juice form, and she had to share my candy hearts.

I didn't take pictures, but we had lasagna, french bread, and salad for dinner.  Plus Ben & I had some delicious shrimp and cocktail sauce for snacking on during our movie.  It was just a "table-scape" but it was so fun and I hope everyone really enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it for them!

Also, someone told me about The Five Love Languages and how his wife feels she needs a different one each day, and how he said he wanted to do a chart so she could indicate what she needed that day and he could give her the kind of love she was in need of each day.  What a fantastic idea!  So I made a chart.  I explained it to Ben, letting him know that I'd mark it before he came home each day, and he can notice it as soon as he comes in the door so he knows how I need to feel loved that day.  He chuckled.  I told him I was serious.  He noticed that I had marked "Words of Affirmation" and then started telling me that I had really gone all out for Valentine's and how nice it was, how he appreciated the effort I made, etc.  I let him pick out a movie (he chose Calamity Jane, all on his own... he's as much of a sucker for a fun chick flick as I am!) and we cuddled on the couch with Kiersten while the boys played [loudly] in their room.  It was such a perfect day!

PLEASE feel free to print this image and use it in your home!
The middle column comes directly from the website about the book.
I found my own icons, find your own if you don't like mine!

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Alicia said...

I am pinning the pear valentine! So cute!