Saturday, October 5, 2013

Capture Your Grief: Day 4 of 2013

Day 4. Legacy: Do you believe your child left a legacy behind? It could be something very simple but meaningful.

As I explained on Day 2, I believe my losses lead me to a purpose - making angel clothing to help others feel a little comfort and love, and a little less alone during their loss.

These were all from August.  Hopefully I'll have my September stuff photographed soon to post.  I had to get a little help with some necklines on some of the new Taylor gowns because I was doing them awkwardly. 

Anyway, with every outfit I make, my angels' legacy is embodied.  This is what I was lead to do (who picks up crocheting as quickly as I did unless it was something they were called to do, like I believe I have been?).  Their lives had purpose, and this is it... to bring about love and compassion toward other angel parents.

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