Monday, May 7, 2012

OR Trip - Wednesday

Wednesday, we left the boys at the house with Alicia, loaded in all the girls, and the 6 of us went to Forks/LaPush, Washington!!  I posted pictures on Facebook of Kiersten at LaPush beach and NO ONE understood that it was TWILIGHT!!

This is Lexie posing with an apple the way the Twilight book does.
Bella worked at Forks Outfitters.  We went there.  I bought a Twilight magnet ribbon thing for my van.
And a Forks sweatshirt. 

We ate lunch at the picnic tables by the Visitor's Center.  There was this cute rustic bench there, and the girls took TONS of pictures of Kiersten on it!  SO CUTE!

The Forks Hospital no longer has the sign that reserves a parking spot for Dr. Cullen.  Bummer.
But if a town was going to get over Twilight, the Hospital is the place to start, right?

Someone actually lives in this house.  Apparently, as one of the only two story homes in Forks, this person VOLUNTEERED to let it stand as the Swan residence.  Odd.  We were creeped out enough that we hurried right along!
"...the deep porch that wrapped around the first story.
I didn't know what I had expected but it definitely
wasn't this.  The house was timeless, graceful, and
probably a hundred years old.  It was painted a soft,
faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well
proportioned.  The windows and doors were either part of
the original structure or a perfect restoration..."

Excerpt from Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight"
Chapter 15.  The Cullens (page 321)

This actually is the place Stephanie Meyer wrote about as the Cullen home.  It's actually a bed & breakfast.  It is NOT what was in the movie. 
Not sure what this was.  It wasn't the mailbox.  Nice though!
This was on the entry way to the house.

Uh, $3 for a 10 minute visit... PER PERSON?!  No thanks.

This was one of the MANY Twilight themed shops that has closed down.  Only one really seemed to still be open, though a few shops had a few Twilight items or a section of items.  I thought it'd last at least through the last movie that will come out in November of this year.
Yes, that's a Quileute Tribal School in LaPush!  How awesome!  Apparently the language is dying out, so they teach it at the school now.  At least, that's what Wikipedia taught me.
How fun!  There are little Totems on the sides of houses!
BIG Totem Pole!
First Beach at LaPush!
Kiersten didn't want to touch the sand/water!

Finally got her feet into it!
Kiersten with her new bestie, Lillian!

She came to love the sand, but of course she had to taste two rocks and two licks of the sand on her hands!  EW!

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