Monday, May 7, 2012

2012 Oregon/Washington Vacation

Let me start by saying THANK YOU again to the Comeau family that hosted our visit.  I liked them a lot before I went on my vacation.  I love and adore them afterward!  Their 5 children are absolutely amazing, each and every one of them!  And the parents are such astounding examples of friendship, kindness, love, and caring.  I absolutely adore this family!

And also, THANK YOU to Keni and Lillian for going with me.  They each had a best friend in the Comeau family, but their help along the way was more than I had dared to hope for!  Lillian sat in the back with the kids all the way there and back again.  She was incredible with my kids.  When I switched Mitchell and Kiersten so that she was in the backseat with Lillian and Keith, Lillian and Kiersten BOTH absolutely GLOWED and came alive!  Lillian is 13 and Kiersten is 15 months, but despite the 12 year gap, I think they may have become each others best friend!  Keni helped drive, which I wasn't too excited about at first, but she proved to be a cautious driver that I was quite comfortable with.  At 17 and with my three little treasure trolls in the car, you can understand my hesitance.  But she either helped me stay alert, navigate, or did the driving for me and I am so grateful for her help!  Keni & Lillian, you're both beautiful, fun, and kind girls that I am so happy to have had to privilege to travel with!

Oregon and Washington were both beautiful states!  The vegetation was most definitely different from here in Utah, or Texas/Georgia/Missouri (the other states I've lived in)!  Not everyone will appreciate it, but I thought the moss was gorgeous!  And it wasn't slimy grossness.  It was soft, fuzzy, and wonderful!  And it grows EVERYWHERE!  On nearly every rock and nearly every tree, this stuff referred to merely as "moss" covers and blankets everything with such a luscious green!!  The waterfalls, the rivers, the OCEAN!  It's all so beautiful!  If it weren't for the disgustingly low speed limits, I'd love to drive through there often!

Now... onto Portland.  I did alright with the cross-dressing.  The guy with the long, flowing, curly dark hair swept all onto one shoulder, with fabulous strappy heels that clinked and clanked as he walked... I could handle that.  The fox.  Yes, the man dressed as a fox with ears coming out of his hat and even a TAIL, although weird, I could handle that.  Even all the scandalously dressed girls and women with skirts so short that they really shouldn't bend over even a little, or with just so much skin showing, it's a wonder anyone would have any need to imagine with the little that wasn't showing would look like...  that's fine.  I understand.  We live in a world that teaches "if you've got it, flaunt it" instead of "modest girls  are the hottest girls" I understand that people want to show off what they've got.  What I'm NOT okay with is that a van with lots of little children inside was driving around your city, with out-of-state plates mind you, gets a little turned around, is searching for a parking spot, and when I try to turn a corner, you get angry and hit my vehicle.  Yes, this is the one part that made me think "screw you, Portland."  To start cussing, shouting, and physically HITTING my car... I'm not okay with your brazen disrespect.  Beautiful state.  And because of this incidence, it will be a long time before I can think of the residents as anything but rude, obnoxious, and horrid.  (side note:  I do think the pantless and nude bicyclers are a bit much.  Also, despite having been through as many cities and living in as many places as I have, the sheer number of homeless was ridiculous.  Stop with your liberal policies and perhaps you will actually accomplish something!)

Okay, vent over.  The rest should be positive and fun!

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