Thursday, May 10, 2012

OR Trip - Friday

Friday, we started by going to Astoria to see the GOONIE house!  We ended up going on the Trolly and they pointed it out.  However, it was such a busy day and we wanted to get back "home" to pack, so we didn't go UP TO the house.  It really does have a zipline in the backyard, and the lady who lives there... she was a Goonie fan and came to see Astoria because of The Goonies.  She got there, saw that the house was for sale, BOUGHT IT, went home to sell her house, and then moved in to her new place.  She thinks it is so cool that she invites people to come check it out!  Isn't that awesome?!  Now... if you're young and haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT NOW!!!

Aren't Josh & Kiersten totally adorable?!  Yes, of course the girls posed them. 
Okay, okay, and then Alicia and I thought it was adorable enough
that we joined in, trying to pose them just right.  But they're so darn CUTE!

Kiersten with Lillian, her new BFF.
Keith got to ring the trolly bell.
Have I mentioned that Kiersten was like a shiny new toy for the 4 teenage girls?
That's okay, they were the newest novelties for my kids to play with too.
And they were all so cute together.  All of them.  Age 15 months to 17 years!!
See how sweet they were with Kiersten?

Mitchell, Kiersten, and Keith - LOVING the beach!

Kiersten was super cuddly because it was very COLD

After we took the kids to touch the water the first time,
Mitchell ran back to the stroller and covered himself in
blankets, refusing to get out again.
Keith LOVED the water and wanted to be more daring
than I would allow him to be.  It was hard to manage taking
him to the water while cuddling Kiersten and also
making sure Mitchell was taken care of back in the stroller,
far away from the water line.  They warned us of the tides sweeping kids
into the ocean, so I was a bit nervous to let him go alone or with the other kids.

Alicia's little Josh did much better than Kiersten.
He ran all over the place and really enjoyed the beach!

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