Monday, May 7, 2012

OR Trip - Thursday

Thursday was nice and relaxing!  The older girls, Alicia and I all went to the Portland Temple.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  (pictures taken from

Afterward, we went to

I LOVE all the MOSS!  Green carpeting all over EVERYTHING!

As fun as it might have been, I was NOT about to take my rambunctious boys,
who were running all over the place, up to that bridge where they'd
undoubtedly freak me out, stick their heads through the fencing,
and attempt to fall from what is probably about 100 feet up. 
Nope.  Just wasn't going to happen.  Ever.
And this photo taken by Lillian would show exactly why my kids weren't
about to go up onto that bridge!

Keni (in her Forks sweatshirt!!), Lexie with Josh, Kiersten on Lillian's hip, Keith, Jordan, Hunter, and Mitchell
Keni with Keith
Lexie with Kiersten, Mitchell and Keith with their new bestie, Hunter

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