Monday, May 7, 2012

OR Trip - Monday

Monday, Alicia and I took Kiersten and Mitchell to Bob's Red Mill for a nice lunch and random looking around.  I had no idea Bob's Red Mill had so many products!

Bob himself was even wandering around the store!  He and his wife briefly stopped at our lunch table to say how cute Kiersten's pigtails were!!

Afterward, we loaded up all the kids and went to Portland, to POWELL'S BOOKSTORE.  It is the largest independent bookstore in America!

This is the list of what types of books are found where. 
It's three or four floors split into colored sections.  It's really THAT big!
This was the day that we ran into the guy with the fabulous heels, the guy dressed as a fox, and the dreadful woman who hit my car and cussed and screamed at me.  However, afterward, we got some donuts!!

Yes, that's right... The doughnut shop will perform WEDDINGS!

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