Monday, May 7, 2012

OR Trip - Tuesday

Tuesday, we went to the Portland Zoo.  We got lost.  I mean, SERIOUSLY lost!  We finally pulled over, called Alicia's husband who directed us to his workplace and then he gave us directions from there... we were about 3 1/2 miles away.  However, it did include hopping on two different highways/freeways.  Odd.  We got there and it kinda sprinkled off and on.  It started out alright, but it was SO LONG that the boys started running around and being uncontrollable.  Kiersten was SO tired of being in the stroller but I hadn't brought in my ring sling that I adore so much.  Keith had an umbrella and was twisting it because, well, he's 6 and don't we all remember how fun it was to twist an umbrella when we were little?  I know I did.  Either I liked the feel of it twirling in my hand, or above my head, or liked the colors swirling, or liked the rain flying off.  I loved to twirl my umbrella.  And Keith did, too!

Then, as in Portland fashion, a lady started loudly saying (obviously for me to hear) that someone needed to take the umbrella away from that kid who didn't know how to use it right and stabbed someone with it.  After the mean lady the day before, my feet hurting from my new shoes that weren't yet broken in, the kids running in such an open and busy place (and the stress it was causing me), I followed her example and shouted randomly in response.  I loudly spoke to Keith:  Keith, we're going to have to put the umbrella away!  People came to the zoo not realizing that kids would be here, and Oregon people don't seem as friendly toward kids as they are in Utah!  Sorry, Keith.  We'll play with it again later when we're with people who don't hate kids!  REALLY PORTLAND!  You have NOT impressed me!

For as much as I don't really care for zoos, I knew the kids would like it.  They really did, too!  Animals are fascinating and fun!

Before we left, Keith picked some dandelions.
He brought ONE to ME!
...and FIVE to 17-year-old K that came with us.
Already, at age 6, Mommy is not #1 in his life.  :(
Sure was cute though!

Look, Mom!  I'm big like a bear!  ROAR!
Mitchell's hand on an ape? hand.

Keith's hand on the ape? hand.

Mitchell climbing on the statue.

Mitchell trying to ride on the statue's tail.  Wish I knew what animal it was.

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