Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday News Day

So, I've been meaning to start this series of posts
for quite some time already.
But I keep forgetting.
Hopefully it'll help me be a better blogger though.
I'm modeling it after my dear friend, Ashley's blog.

This year has started out with some trials. 
Luckily, they haven't been TOO bad.
My vacuum broke.
That's about $160 out the window.
Mitchell took to shredding the arms of my couch.
But I sewed it up and that'll work for now.
And we woke up this morning to our furnace not working
and a mere 52 degrees inside.
Mitchell & Kiersten both had shivering, quivering chins.
But we just needed to replace the filter...
and learn how to take care of it better.
With that round of 3 trials out of the way,
I now feel open to the blessings that come with trials.
Kiersten is a year old now.
I would like to stop nursing now
but she doesn't much care for milk.
So I tried almond milk.
She LOVES it. 
This is the same girl that growls
if you take away her
green smoothie!
With all of our skin problems,
everyone except Mitchell seems to have them,
I'm trying Melaluca/Tea Tree Oil
to see if that helps.
Wish us luck!
I think that's it for now.
Have a blessed week
and remember that trials bring blessings
if you're open to receiving them!

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