Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been writing about my experiences for the last week.  However, I have waited to publish them until now because I want them to read on the blog in order, rather than backward (I've changed this so that it reads in normal blogging order).  You should know from the beginning that I am a very open person, and I don't spare any details, no matter how personal or unpleasant they may seem.

I looked online, searching for stories of what to expect.  Everything was rather sugar coated WHEN I could actually find anything at all.  Miscarriage, especially late term/second trimester miscarriage, is a very hushed topic.  People share a few details verbally, but most of it is kept private.  This lead to me being surprised around every corner.

Second trimester miscarriage is said to be uncommon, though I keep running into people who have suffered at least one.  My midwife said I am only her 3rd client to suffer it, though she has managed the labors of over 430 women here in Utah, and has been in the medical/midwifery line of work since the 80's. 

So, just understand now:  This line of posting has been difficult (yet therapeutic) to write.  I am writing it because I want people who need this information to have it available.  I am not keeping anything to myself because some women need to know the unpleasant parts to prepare themselves for what to expect as they await the birth of their miscarried baby.  My emotions, the blood, the confusion, the spiritual aspects, all of it is shared.

If this makes you at all uncomfortable, don't read any further.  If you feel you might be offended or disgusted by any part of a home-birthed second trimester miscarriage, please don't read.  If I actually KNOW you, and you think it might make you uncomfortable around me, STOP READING NOW!  Otherwise, please continue knowing what you're getting yourself in for.

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ashley said...

Oh, Ginger. I'm so very sorry. I know you are a good mommy and Taylor will be blessed to call you mommy again. I hope you can find some solace through this refiners fire. What a sad thing. Thank you for being my friend and being a strength to me when I needed you. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. I'll call you tomorrow.