Saturday, November 5, 2011

Temple Experience

Today, my friend (Tricia) and I went to the Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple.  I've been to various Temples quite a bit, but today was different.  Today, I took my own names... names from my own family's history.  And the experience was so completely different!

Since it was just me and Tricia, I had to ask if the mens names could be done by one of the random guys there today.  I was called up to do my stack of womens names but right afterward, a random young man was called up and did the stack of mens names I brought.  I was so happy as each was read and their work was done for them, but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming feelings that came over me as one specific name was done.  My grandfather.  It was so strong that I began to cry.  (side note: I think I'm getting more sensitive in my old age)  As we went to do the next ordinance, we had to ask for a guy to be pulled aside for it to be done so that all of my names could be done today.  As my grandfather's name was read and the work was done, again I was overwhelmed.  This time, I heard a soft, quiet "Thank you, Sweetheart" afterward.  The names continued and all of a sudden, the ordinance worker had to stop.  HE had become overwhelmed feeling the presence of yet another name, my great-grandfather on the other side!  Afterward, the ordinance worker said he's never been so overcome like that before!  And Tricia said that whomever that first name done was gave her a strong feeling, too.  That name Tricia had felt so strongly about had been the same that I had, my grandfather! 

Afterward, we did the next set of ordinances, again having to ask random men in attendance to do the work for my stack of mens names.  Overall, I left the Temple today (mind you, this is the Temple I was married in) feeling so happy, joyful, excited, and fulfilled because I know that I was able to help my ancestors get their Temple ordinance work completed. 

I know that not everyone will understand what in the world I am talking about.  However, for those of you that do, I hope so much that you will have such an experience sometime helping your own ancestors!  This was the most amazingly spiritual experience!  I am still so overcome with joy on their behalf, and such love for these people that have been gone from this earth for so long, most that I have never met! 

Needless to say, I have been given the inspiration I need to continue working on my family history.  I had given it up for quite a while because it was interfering with my sleep (easier to get it done at night when the kids are asleep).  But I think it's time to get back to work!  It was amazing to hear names read and know stories about them and feel so connected to these names and people!

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