Wednesday, November 2, 2011

08-08-11 - Swimming with the Cousins

Ben's sister, Thanna, lives about 5 hours away.  So she doesn't come up often.  When she does, it's such a treat!  She stayed for a whole week and we loved every minute of her visit!  This particular day, we hung out at Ben's other sister, Kathryn's place and swam!!

Kiersten got to splash around quite a bit and loved the water, as she had at Lagoon!
Again, Mitchell wasn't int being in the pool, but he loved to jump in OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  Just be careful because he wasn't always sure someone was there to catch him!

Keith on the other hand, LOVED being in the pool!  The noodle kept him afloat and happy!
Loved getting to use their towels out where someone else could appreciate them.  My aunt made each of them a hooded towel with their names on them as a gift when they were born.  This is Keith's.  Mitchell's is blue.  Kiersten's is purple.  LOVE THEM!
Pretty girl had a happy day!

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