Wednesday, November 2, 2011

July 16th - Lagoon

4Life, where Ben works (or worked at the time), has a summer party every year, and they tend to prefer doing it at Lagoon.  It's the only time we go because it's so expensive and NOT so much fun for me and Ben.  We don't much care for roller coasters or pretty much any of the rides.  But the kids like the kiddie rides!

Keith going down the water slide.
Mitchell loved the water but ONLY the water slide!  He didn't much care for just being in the pool.
Kiersten was too small to do anything but she liked sitting in the water with me!

Keith and Mitchell - I think those are the same size shirts.
Kiersten with Daddy
Keith eating a big ol' chicken burger!
Kiersten passed out from the water!
Keith gave up on the burger and just stabbed the chicken!
Didn't she have a cute swimsuit?  While actually in the sun she had a swim shirt though.
On to the rides!

This was their first, Mitchell and Keith rode with their cousin, Melanie, who is in the front.
Kiersten is like me and enjoys watching other people having a good time!
The boys loved this ride, though it's totally lame!  They just got in the car that drove on a track by itself and that was it.
Aren't they cute holding hands going to get in line again?!

They loved that lame ride so much that they did it twice!
Planes that go up and down in a circle over water...
Helicopters that went up and down in a circle...  (I'm detecting a theme/pattern here)
This was one of two ways Kiersten rode around the park...
Have I ever told you how much I love my ring sling? YOU ROCK!
...this was the other way.  Nice double stroller and a sleeping baby!
Needless to say, the kids were ALL asleep in the car by the time we left the park's parking lot!!

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