Wednesday, November 2, 2011


While watching SHARK TANK one day, I saw this awesome product that they didn't pick up.  It was for pregnant/laboring/nursing mama's.  HOT MAMA GOWNS!  It was an awesome product.  Much better than the makeshift birthing skirt I tried to make for when Kiersten was born.  So I was checking out their website/blog and found a giveaway that I really liked.  In case you can't tell, I already LOVE my ring sling.  But there's another type of carrier that I also like.  It's more of a wrap.  Here I am in a Moby Wrap with Kiersten: 
Kiersten age 16 days
Kiersten age 16 days
Kiersten age 2 months
However, I was borrowing that Moby Wrap from a good friend of mine who didn't currently have the need for it.  So when I found this giveaway for a similar style wrap, I was thrilled!

I was even MORE thrilled to find out that I WON an awesome Sugar Sweet Baby wrap!  It arrived on August 31st:
I am excited to get to use it!  Yes, it's November and I haven't yet worn it out of the house.  I keep meaning to look up directions for it because it's not the same fabric as the Moby and I can't seem to get it tight enough that I feel totally secure wearing Kiersten in it yet.  But I know it's possible because on Sugar Sweet Baby's facebook page, I see pictures of kids securely wrapped.  So, I'm going to work at it and make it work for me because I love it!!  I love babywearing, I love this wrap's looks, and I really want to get to use it!

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