Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memory Boxes

In one of my online loss groups, we've started talking about how to help others.  I've already got 3 others helping me make angel baby clothing and blankets, but the idea expanded today.

The hospital where I delivered Seth had next to nothing, especially in his 3oz size.  So, I want to start making memory boxes for angel babies to be donated to hospitals.  Another friend's angel baby was over 9lbs when she delivered, so these babies can be any size.  If you would like to help, here is a list of items I'd like to include:

the box - various sizes, not all will get pictures, but at least large enough for 4x6 photos or a photo cd would be preferred

tissues - two personal packets

a disposable camera - not everyone thinks of taking pictures of their angel baby, but no one will regret taking them, only not having them months and years later

album - either a small photo album with room to write notes, or a small 8" mini-scrapbook with pages all ready to have pictures glued into place

a blank journal with a poem inside

note card - handwritten with love from another babylost mama

two identical stuffed animals - one for the casket and one for mom to keep

two cards made to hold two sets of hand/foot prints

outfit for pictures - the easiest being a hat and gown that opens in front, perhaps a bow for girls
(the pattern in the link needs a few adjustments - on the paper, cut 1/8-1/4" off the fold line & straighten the curved front panels and hem for easier sewing and proper fit... the only one I've done so far is the XS, other sizes will still need adjusting in the same manner for proper fit)

burial outfit - perhaps another hat and gown so mom can keep the other outfit, perhaps a bow for girls

blankets - various sizes for tiny to large babies (in the link, click on patterns, blanket size is listed for each gown size A, B and C)    (we had a tiny "transfer" blanket because Seth's body was too fragile to move often, so it kept him stable, then a handkerchief sized soft blanket and a regular baby blanket that we used for pictures - I didn't want to give up either of these for his casket, and only the smaller one would have fit anyway, so I'd like to include an extra handkerchief sized blanket for the casket)

books - there are various books about loss, one that I liked was What Happens When People Die?
another that has been suggested is Empty Cradle, Broken Heart

jewelry - perhaps matching bracelets for mom and angel during pictures, or remembrance jewelry

The heart charm on Seth's "bow" and on my bracelet matched each other.
As I had been anticipating a baby girl, she'd made an amazingly small bracelet that matched mine perfectly.
On the boy version, blue beads are used around the heart charm, pink on the girl bracelets.
For anyone interested in helping, I'll take donations of completed items as well as materials to make these items.  I'm not experienced with making jewelry, but stringing pearl beads and charms onto fishing line and tying a clasp on surely can't be too hard.  If you'd like to sew/knit/crochet any items, here are links to sizes:
Gestation Size Chart  and  Here for a gown pattern and baby/hat/bootie/blanket sizes per pattern size

Please let me know if you're interested in helping!  If you have donations, I can email my address.  Or, use this as a guide to starting up a similar project in your own area.  Not ALL items are needed for each memory box, but these are ideas of what COULD be included.  13 items is a lot for a small box.  Not all will need a camera as some will have contacted NILMDTS.  Not all will need blankets as some will make their own or buy their own.  Journals and books aren't always needed, but I'd like to include one or the other for each.  This is just a place to start.  When asking my other loss-mama friends, these are the items they said meant a lot to them, the things they keep in their boxes or wherever they've dedicated space to remember their angels.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to anyone and everyone who chooses to help!


Vanessa Pollard said...

Hi Ginger! My name is Vanessa and I work with Teeny Tears Bereavement diapers and we noticed you left a comment on our blog about wanting diapers for the memory boxes you are putting together. We would be more than happy to provide you with diapers. If you wouldn't mind emailing me at I can get a little bit more information from you and see how fast we can help you out.

April said...

Hi Ginger,
I just wanted to say Hi from one Mama to another. We lost our sweet Lily on March 17th, 2011. At Lily's Amazing Grace we make tiny blankets called LilyWraps that we donate to local hospitals so families like yours are able to wrap their tiny baby. We also recently started donating memory boxes as well. I have found such peace putting these memory boxes together, knowing how much they will mean to another family. Our mission is similar and I enjoyed reading your post and all that you are doing for families like yours. Much love ♥