Sunday, June 2, 2013

16+ weeks!

Friday:  I have officially passed where I was in pregnancy when Taylor and when Seth each died.  I had been mostly calm and comforted this week.  Then last night I started freaking out!  It was on days of prenatals that I found out each had passed.  Today, I went in for a prenatal.  Knowing my other 3 were going with me, I checked yesterday morning, again last night, and again this morning to make sure it was "safe" to take the kids with me.  I don't need any surprises as I'm surrounded by my children again.  In about 3 weeks we'll have the big "gender reveal" ultrasound, and I'm likely to get a little freaked out again, especially going yet again to the same place where I was with both my angels.  But, things are looking up!

Oh, and with my midwife's VERY low-tech, low-quality-image ultrasound machine (it's no stronger than a doppler, very poor quality pictures - hence why I am sent out elsewhere for the anatomy scan, to get high quality images to make sure everything has developed in its proper location, etc) - she made a gender guess!!  MY guess is girl because my face looks HORRIBLE!  I mean, I've got some seriously horrid skin going on!  Keith is guessing girl because he thinks we need equal numbers of boys and girls.  Mitchell says "boy.  No, girl.  Yeah, a girl.  No, a boy.  I don't know, either a boy or a girl."  Hahahahha!  Yeah, I know it's one or the other honey!  Sweet little boy!  Ben doesn't really make guesses for gender.  My midwife is guessing girl!  HOWEVER.... even with the super awesome high-quality imaging ultrasound last time around, they had told me DEFINITELY girl (so we picked out the name Isabelle and got tiny girl clothing for her) but birth proved the tech to be wrong as I had a Seth who was very, VERY much a boy!  This baby is only 4 days older than when they mis-labeled Seth as a girl.  So, it's not conclusive yet, but it's the strongest guess.

Any girl name ideas?  Middle name Kaylee, so no "ee" sounding names because as beautiful as the name is, Brittany Kaylee Harvey just is TOO "ee" for me!  Post some ideas!!!

We couldn't get a very good picture of little "Vash" Kaylee.  She kept moving around.  But my midwife wanted to send me home with SOMETHING to show her Daddy.  So here it is:

She's facing down, spine across the top, head at left.  Still a skinny little thing, but that's likely to change pretty quickly now that I'm nearly 17 weeks along!  (oh, and I know I'm in that awful stage where random onlookers think "oh, she's pleasantly plump" but when I look in the mirror I think "woah!, I'm getting HUGELY pregnant!" because I know what I usually look like)  <<<  point being, to ME, I'm happily SHOWING!! 

Saturday:  We went out today and FINALLY found me some maternity pants!  It took forever!  But the 4th store we went to finally had some.  I really needed them.  I started this pregnancy slightly heavier than I did with Keith (though, labeled sizes have changed since then) and quite a bit lighter than I did with Mitchell or Kiersten.  So my maternity clothes are all not-quite-right.  Glad I have pants to wear now!

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