Friday, December 28, 2012

Growing Sprouts - Take 2

Last year, I took the kids' heights and weights to see how much they grew throughout 2012.  Here is their growth from the first of the year to the end of the year:

Keith (5 yrs 11 months)                              (6 years 11 months)
37.6 lbs - 6th percentile for weight              43.4 lbs - 12th percentile for weight
42.5" - 7th percentile for height                   46" - 19th percentile for height

Mitchell (2 years 11 months)                      (3 years 11 months)
32.6 lbs - 63rd percentile for weight            39.2 lbs - 78th percentile for weight
37" - 43rd percentile for height                    41" - 69th percentile for height

Kiersten (12 months)                                  (2 years)
20.2 lbs - 31st percentile for weight            24 lbs - 15th percentile for weight
27.5" - 6th percentile for height                   32" - 11th percentile for height (chart ages 2-20 yrs)
                                                                             - 8th percentile for height (chart birth to 36 months)

Oh, and here is our Christmas!!
I loved that we set out milk and cookies for Santa.  I love that, as we read about Christ's birth from Luke, we were able to use the nativity set to make the scene.  I love that we were able to include Taylor & Seth in our celebration through stockings, ornaments, and our Molly Bears.
I love that Kiersten enjoyed every Cinderella (tag, shirt, futon, blanket, etc) that she saw.  I love that the boys picked out gifts for each other.  I love that they could all lay down together with their new blankets to watch a movie together.  I love that we could all eat at the table together.  I love that I had most of the food prepared so I didn't have to spend half my day in the kitchen while the kids played joyfully.

Christmas was wonderful!!

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