Monday, December 17, 2012

Crocheting Efforts

Just wanted to share with you what I've been doing!

Several of these are in an auction that is celebrating another angel baby's birthday.  It'll be nice to have funds to pay for shipping costs, fabric, yarn, etc!

Plus some donations:

If you'd like to help out, LET ME KNOW!!  Or visit my facebook page - Mommy's Heart In A Box!

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Stacy said...

It is hard - isn't it? It's hard to lose that feeling that nothing bad can happen. I find it's hard to tell my kids about hard things for the same reason. I want them to keep thinking nothing bad will happen.

Our experiences will never be the same as someone else's experiences. That's the way life goes. Christ is the only one who can really ever truly understand what a person is going through. But we are given trials that give us glimpses of other's pain and hard times. It helps us to be compassionate and loving. It helps us to know how we can serve others. There are blessings through our trials but often it takes a while before we can see what those blessings are.

*hugs* you'll make it!

BTW - Those tags look beautiful all printed out! Ü