Monday, November 19, 2012

Memory Boxes

I have been LOVING making the memory boxes!  I've had a little help and soon it will be time to deliver!!

These are the adorable outfits we put inside the boxes! There are two sizes of diapers.  The smaller size also gets an extra small gown.  All boxes get a blanket and a hat.
This is MOST everything all laid out.  There was so much that we couldn't get it all in one picture!!

Another attempt to get everything into the picture.

We've got 9 boxes ready to go, though bits and pieces for many more.  I also have 3 custom boxes almost ready to go, requested by people I've become acquainted with via the facebook page for my project: Mommy's Heart In A Box.

PLEASE consider helping out!  So far, I've purchased nearly all the supplies myself and I must say, it's definitely hurting my budget.  But I figure there are so many moms that are hurting even more that I can't ignore this need! Visit my Wish List to see some of the items you can purchase (or something similar elsewhere) and send for these comforting boxes.  Also, if you're gifted in the crafty sense, I have found patterns to crochet little diaper/shirt outfits and we can always use sewers to make the gowns and diapers.  Remember that the extra small gowns pair with the small diapers for babies that are 18-23 weeks gestation, while the larger diapers are paired with the small to medium gowns to fit babies 24-32 weeks gestation.

I am so pleased to be able to help others.  I love serving.  It makes my heart smile.  And I love being able to honor my sweet babies, Taylor & Seth Micah, in this way.  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped - Yvonne for sewing, Patti for helping make scrapbook pages, Lynnette for spending hours around the kitchen table making pages and stuffing boxes with me, Vicky for your burial outfit and crochet donations, and several others who have donated some fabric, scrapbook supplies, tissues, hats, journals, yarn and more.  THANK YOU!


carrielyshous said...

Hi I just found your site! I'm also making memory boxes, and have some questions- like, where do you get the actual boxes (so far we've just done gift bags), and is there a list of everything you put in yours? They are absolutely lovely :)

~GINGER~ said...

I found the boxes at IKEA of all places! But I love them! And they come in various sizes!

As for a list, it depends on the box and if it's for a hospital donation (when the clothes are going on the baby) or for a mom that requests them afterward (when the clothes are more symbolic).

For a hospital box, I like to do:
bracelet set
matching bears
a set of clothes for baby to wear
a matching set of clothes for mom to keep
(clothes are gown, diapers, hat)
and something that smells good rather than like a hospital

Tasha Moore said...

Hi Ginger,

I just found your blog and it is wonderful what you are doing. I lost my son at 19 weeks and having all the items from the hospital to remember him have been great comforts. I have been wanting to help but have not been able to figure out what I want to do. I would really love to help you with your project. If you have anything I can do, make, or purchase I really would love to help. Please let me know.

~GINGER~ said...

I would LOVE help! I've posted several links to patterns for sewing and crocheting, as well as listed out the things that I would like to always include in the memory boxes. If you'd like to make a donation of ANY of these things, please let me know and we can chat off the page where I can give an address to send things to! I'm so sorry you lost your sweet boy. And I'm so grateful that you would like to help!

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