Monday, July 25, 2011

Missouri Trip - Day 4

The Jones Wedding!

Saturday was my cousin, Neil's wedding!!  Neil and I have birthdays just 3 days apart.  I've always thought of him as my late first birthday present!  He's always been a wonderful guy, hence why I think of him as a gift!  I'm so happy that he has found such an amazing woman to marry!  I know they're going to make each other very happy!

So, it was a good long drive to get there, but it was worth it!  They asked that you take loud/crying children out to the "cry room" so Ben, Keith, and KIERSTEN stayed in the chapel while I took MITCHELL to the cry room!  Yes, the 5 month old stayed and was wonderful the whole time.  The 2 year old, not so much!  He has no volume control.  He shouted "PRETTY!" throughout most of the service.  And the speakers weren't turned on in the cry room, so I didn't get to hear any of it.  But, the view was lovely!

Afterward, we took some family pictures at the church before heading over for the reception.
This is me with Kiersten, Ashley with Elizabeth, and Philip with Lilly.  3 girls in 4 months!

Next, we headed to the reception.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!  The meal was delicious, the tables were lovely, it was all very wonderful!  Keith stayed surrounded by girls most of the night.  He actually told his Daddy that he wanted to be "old like [Daddy]" so that he would be old enough to mack on girls!  Yes, my 5 year old is in love with women already.  Oh, that's going to be just great as he starts school this year.

Centerpiece, lit from below
The Cake

Groom's Cake - Neil works in... "animal genetics."  He artificially inseminates cows for a living.  Hence, the cow cake!  His job was actually featured on "Dirty Jobs" once.  Growing up with a dairy farmer father probably got him used to the idea, but I'm sure it's paying off now.  Dirty Jobs are generally well paid, right?

Mitchell giving his sister kisses!
My sweet baby girl!

Aunt Sarah dancing with Keith & Mitchell
Keith dancing with Amy's college/sorority friends!  Really, this went on ALL NIGHT LONG!
All in all, it was a very lovely day!  Neil and Amy... congrats again!  We were so glad that we could make the trip to be there for your very special day!

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