Thursday, July 7, 2011

Missouri Trip - Day 3

 ADAM-ONDI-AHMAN is a place of historic significance to those of my religion.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or LDS but more commonly known as Mormon.  Ben and I have been to this site before, I usually insist on going when we're in Missouri since it's a mere 45 minutes from my mom's house.    I love being here.  I love the feeling I have.  I love the knowledge I have of it's importance.  I love just everything about it. 
First, we went left to the Valley Overlook.  You can't really tell by the picture below, but it is a big cliff overlooking a valley of corn.  Yep, corn.  The entire state is covered with CORN. 
 Click on the picture below to enlarge it and read what this marker at the Valley Overlook says.
 My mom went with us this trip.  She's never been before.  We pulled in and she thought that it would definitely be full of vehicles with Utah plates.  Boy was she wrong!  Ours was the only one!  There were California plates and I don't remember the others, but from all over the country.  One of the wonderful people stopped there offered to take our picture for us.  I love how friendly LDS people are!  Running across each other in places other than Utah brings out some of the best in us. 
 I rarely have many pictures taken of myself, but this one with me and Kiersten in her sling (as mentioned on Day 2 as we walked to Dairy Queen while our tire was being replaced) was just pretty darn good!  She's such an adorable 5 1/2 month old little sweetheart!
 I knew the kids were pretty young to have an understanding of why we were at this big open place with no toys and no stores.  So I asked Ben to tell them about it in words they could understand.  As they walked off in front of me and my mom, I heard him start out by reminding Keith of Jesus Christ that we read about in our scriptures every night, and whom we pray to so many times each day.  Knowing he was talking of our Savior as he walked holding the hands of each of our boys, it just makes this picture so moving and touching.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love my husband?  He's amazingly spiritual and loves to study the gospel.  He's wonderful at personal scripture study each morning, and we've finally made it a habit to read together as a family at night, too.  He's an amazing father to all 3 of our kids.  I really admire and adore him. 
Next, we went right to Spring Hill (not much to take a picture of) and the Tower Hill Lookout.  The man in the picture was just an elderly man who happened to be looking out as I took the picture, but I think it's amazing anyway.  Again, it was a big cliff with this time a grassy valley below.  This is where “Preacher Rock,” where the Prophet is said to have stood and taught, is located. There is even a marker to show the spot where Lyman Wight’s cabin once stood.
Day 3 was also filled with other activities, like shopping for groceries and I went by where my sister works, which was really awesome!  They take some plain baby and children's clothes and make them unique!  Look through the pictures on the link and you'll see some of their stuff.  I'm amazed at the stuff my sister has learned to do as she's become an adult!  Then, of course, we also spent time with family.  We met my sister's baby girl, Elizabeth (below), who is just 2 months older than Kiersten.  Very sweet to see the girls together!

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