Friday, May 27, 2011

The Green Smoothie Girl

Last night, Ashley and I went to a class taught by the Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw.  It complemented the Raw Foodie Classes I've been taking with Raw Chef Wendy once a month.  She told about how she was introduced to the raw food lifestyle (not "diet" in the traditional and temporary sense of the word), watching it cure her grandmother of terminal cancer while her uncle died of a very treatable cancer after undergoing chemo-therapy.  She told about how her very sick, very asthmatic son was cured of his illnesses when she adopted the raw food lifestyle for herself and her family.  She told about how wonderful it's been and was encouraging as she acknowledged that we all get on health food kicks and fall off over and over again.    Then she gave us some facts and information found in a few of her books, like The Green Smoothies Diet (which she said she lost the battle with her publisher, she did not want the word "diet" in the title) and The Adventures of Junk Food Dude.  It was a fascinating class that I enjoyed very much!  I would highly recommend her books, too.  I've read The Green Smoothies Diet and I enjoy a green smoothie nearly every day as we've been changing our family diet.  The class ended with a delicious green smoothie sample.  Ashley was even asked to get her story on camera with Robyn.  Her little girl, Hazel, has severe allergies (anaphalactic shock 3 times) to so many things, it's unreal for such a little girl.  But at almost 2 years old, she drinks a green smoothie every day and a mostly raw food diet has helped her and her health so much!  I would really encourage all of you to read these books, look into the dietary changes, and do just one little thing to make you and your families more healthy.

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ashley said...

THANK YOU for going with me! I can't stop thinking about how great it was. So cool! I'm glad you learned some important things that will give you the keys to health!