Friday, May 27, 2011

Bye Bye Baby

On May 25th, my baby boy graduated from preschool.  He'll be off to Kindergarten in the fall.  My baby is no longer my baby.  He is a big boy.  Oh, gosh!  When do they get so big?
The class of 12 sang a few really cute songs.  Keith did pretty well.  Usually he just smiles at the audience, but he actually sang this time!!  He wasn't dramatic like some of them, but he did move his lips and pay attention when it was his turn to hold up a sign (for the weather song) and played the maracas only when he was supposed to.  
 After the songs, "Miss Ashley" told a little about each kid as she gave them a diploma and cd of the pictures from the school year.  She said that Keith was a smart little boy and reads very well (we're estimating around a 3rd grade level).  She told about how her son, Cannon, tends to get lots of timeouts during class but failed to mention that Keith is usually involved!!  She's very sweet to leave that out, but I know the truth.  Cannon and Keith are tight so they either get in trouble together because they won't stop talking while she's trying to teach, or because they're young and haven't figured out that you can have more than a few friends at once and are fighting because one of them has decided to be friends with someone else that day.  
She also said that Keith's favorite snacks are raisins and crackers.  His favorite part of preschool was using the playdough.  And when Keith grows up, he wants to be just like his daddy!

To Mrs. Ashley, thank you for teaching my son!  He has loved it so much and looks forward to school because of you.  You are patient, kind, and have given Keith a starting point to his education.  Thanks for all you've done with him and for him.  

And to Keith, I hope you always enjoy school!  Kindergarten will be a little different, and 1st grade even more different.  But as long as you always seek out a good education, pay attention in class, read and soak in as much knowledge as you can, I know you'll become what you're meant to be.  You are a special little boy.  Your Mommy & Daddy and your Heavenly Father love you so much!  You have so much potential!  Live up to it!

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ashley said...

I love this post! Keith is such a great kid and can do anything he wants to do. He's going to do something great with all that knowledge, I can just feel it. I'll miss him. Good luck in Kindergarten, Keith!