Saturday, July 7, 2012

15 Weeks And All Is Well

Our little Sito Jaxa/Worf is doing quite well!!  Still bouncing around (which is so cute to see) and seems quite healthy and happy!  In another 4 weeks, it'll be gender-reveal time!!  Until we choose something else, we're using some AWESOME Star Trek names to refer to him/her as something other than "it" or "the baby" or "him/her."  Once we know a gender, it'll be either Sito Jaxa or Worf.  I think it'd be awesome to go around saying "Worf is really active today, he keeps poking me in the ribs!"  Worf is one of my most favorite Star Trek characters EVER!  Speaking of gender, what gender do you think this baby is?  Take the poll over on the right!!  And, of course, here are some awesome pictures for you!

Perfect little spine!

The black dot is the baby's bladder, so don't get any ideas of gender from this picture.

Cute little alien baby!!

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Kim said...

So sweet, so glad everything is going well:)