Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Short & Sweet

So, once I found out that you can have your blog printed into a book, I figured this is totally going to become my journal and I'll have it printed eventually.  So, my posts are going to become more and more journal-ish where it matters more to me than anyone else.  SORRY!

A while back, I gave Mitchell some grapes and strawberries and he puked them all over our creamy white carpet.  Great.  Two colors/flavors that stain easily all over our carpet.  Well, today I had my green smoothie (aloe vera juice, apple juice, kale, avocado, spirulina, banana, blueberries, agave... it varies every day) and Keith somehow spilled it all over the carpet.  But there isn't just the big spill spot, but splatters of bright chlorophyll green all over the carpet, too.  It came off the desk and the wall fairly easily, but it got on the papers on my desk and all over the carpet and it's just gross!  Oh, and we also have a big potty-training accident stain on the carpet, too.  PLEASE!  I'm going to start praying for someone to decide that they're going to gift me a carpet cleaning every 6 months.

Pictures will be posted later.

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