Friday, October 22, 2010

Field Trip

Today, Keith went on a field trip with his preschool class to a pumpkin patch! We were nervous about this because it was introduced to him as a Halloween field trip and he's CRAZY afraid of Halloween! Right now, we have a grimm reaper hanging outside on our front porch and he's sound activated... Keith refuses to go play outside with his friends because he won't walk past it. So, I prepped him as we walked to preschool asking him if pumpkins we saw on porches were scary, if scarecrows were scary, etc. Everything was, so I went further and explained that he was NOT to climb on his teacher if he got scared, but to just hold her hand. (When we got his Halloween costume from a specialty store, he climbed up on Daddy and screamed and cried the whole 30-45 minutes we were in there.)

When he came home, he had me carry him past the grimm reaper into the house, but then he told me all about it. He LOVED it! He went on a hay ride, saw animals on a farm (he said the horses were nice but the pigs chased him and pigs eat people... woah!), went in a corn maze, and then got to pick out his own small pumpkin from the patch!! He said he wants to go again tomorrow! Oh, and he and his friend, Cannon, ate snacks together: fishies (goldfish) and a drink!

So, we're hoping that he'll do a little better with Halloween next weekend now!

Oh, and during all of this, I was at home with Mitchell and the teacher's daughter/Cannon's sister, Hazel. Mitchell is 20 months and Hazel is around 16 months. They both SLEPT! I got quiet time! Talk about a good day!

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