Monday, March 22, 2010

Fuzzi Bunz REVIEW


Putting the Fuzzi Bunz (with both the newborn AND regular FB inserts) on Mitchell for naptime went well. I wish the rise was a little higher, perhaps closer to his belly button, but they don't appear to dig into his belly at all, so that's good! He woke up, and although the inserts are soaked, the diaper did not leak at all!!

I like this diaper because it has adjustable elastic around the legs (even comes with a spare set of elastic that is changeable without seam ripping and sewing) that works like the adjustable elastic in Old Navy's toddler jeans. This is helpful for diapering a younger baby or maybe a baby with skinny/chunky thighs! Also, the waist is adjustable using snaps rather than velcro, which I like because I've had both my boys take off the regular ol' disposable diaper with the velcro-like tabs before. I don't really trust velcro very much in the laundry either, it gets kinda weird and gross. So snaps are perfect for me! And, it's soft on the inside, not at all like disposables!

What I don't like about the Fuzzi Bunz, is that you cannot adjust the rise. This is supposed to be a ONE SIZED diaper, fitting newborns through potty training toddlers (7-35 lbs, I believe). I can't imagine this diaper on a newborn because it seems like it would take up half of its little body. Other one-sized diapers have snaps on the front to adjust the rise of the diaper. After his nap, his tushy was a little moist, though not like it was when I took off the disposable before his nap. Also, I wish they had custom hemp inserts. It comes with two microfiber inserts which are kind of thick and add a lot of bulk between his legs.

In all, I like it! I might not use it on a newborn, but I like the diaper. It's soft, it doesn't leak, and it FITS! I may find some other hemp inserts so I can layer microfiber on top of the hemp and take out some of the bulk of having two microfiber inserts.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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Ginny Bieger said...

How hard are the snaps? I've got a couple of Bum Genius OS I love, except the velcro. We're doing a CD trial with all snaps diapers. Hopefully Leigh Anne will stay still long enough for me to get them on her. Also, check out Kissaluvs Marvels. They look cool but way $$$.

Take Care,
Ginny Bieger